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Jalapa Water Solution

jalapa devi water solution centre is a well known and reputed brand name in water treatment plant manufacturing company. we design, developed and manufacture all types of water treatment plants through our innovative engineering concepats. we are committed to provide complete customer satisfaction with our specialization in water treatment, we are pleased to inform we are the manufacture supply, installation of domestic, commercial, industrial, hospital, foreign aid, government projects & town supply etc. jalapa devi water solution centre present water treatment plant since last 12 years with exclusive product rang outstanding quality and reasonable prices. we are proud of our unbeatable reputation in delivering the highest quality water filtration systems. we exercise are potential to produce the best quality plant and R.O. water purify is possible.

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i would like to thanks Jalapadevi water solution for providing best water.

Ijpinior School

Jalapa water solution provide best purified water. The water is safe to drink and it’s natural taste.

Raju Lamichane, Jalapa water solution