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Water purifier Controlled Water purifier of international standards It is an acknowledged fact that water,the most essential element for the suervivalof life is getting dangerously polluted in todays time.Unbreakabled water today has been known to be a career of number of dissease like Gastro-enteri,Typhoid,Cholera,Paratyphoid, Dysentry Diarhoea,Polio,Hepatitis etc-are all water born dissease.Not to speak of the chemical and Organic contaminants have affected even ground water and can cause harm to various organs of the body.The problem has assumed proportions acute enough to warrant the attention of worl bodies like WHO issue guidelines for safe portable water.Water purifier is the product,based on globally proven technology,a multi staged purification system that is designed to tackle all types of water impurities.It hgas in- built checks to ensure that at every stage the level of water purification is adequate so that once having installed an waterpurifier you can be sure of safe water conforming to the international standards.